2 Most Common Methods A Zinc Oxide Manufacturing Plant Uses To Get Type A Zinc Oxide

zinc oxide manufacturing plant produces zinc oxide in a variety of methods. Here, we will talk about two methods most manufacturers apply to get high-quality zinc oxide. As a result, you know the differences in zinc oxide according to the method manufacturers use. Then, you can take the right zinc oxide based on your needs. 

Zinc Oxide Production Using A Metallurgical Process. 

The metallurgical process is one of the most common methods manufacturers apply to get zinc oxide. In this process, the manufacturers are about to get the zinc ore first from the mining areas. Then, they will roast the zinc ores based on the ISO standard. 

The roasting process means that the manufacturers will heat the zinc ore with coal. This process triggers the oxidation of zinc vapor. The manufacturers also must ensure that the containers are fully closed during the zinc ore heating process. 

The function of this process is to get the second layer of the zinc ore. After that, manufacturers will deliver fresh air to the containers. The purpose of adding air to the container is to get carbon monoxide and reduce the zinc. 

Most manufacturers apply metallurgical processes to get type A zinc oxide. The manufacturers will convert the zinc oxide with sulfates in case their clients want white zinc oxide. 

Zinc Oxide Production Using Chemical Process 

A specific zinc oxide manufacturing plant also produces zinc oxide using a chemical process. Mechanochemical is one of the most common chemical methods for producing zinc oxide. Manufacturers choose this method because it is more affordable and simpler. 

Best of all, manufacturers obtain more zinc oxide compared to other methods. In this process, the manufacturers are about to use NaCl for the reaction medium. The main function of adding NaCl in this process is to separate nanoparticles on the zinc oxide ore. 

After that, they will grind the result into powder and filter it to reduce the grains. For the faster method, manufacturers often use a controlled precipitation method. This method involves a thermal treatment and milling process. 

The process is about to reduce the impurities so the manufacturers receive more pure zinc oxide. The zinc oxide is also smoother due to the milling and filtering process.   

The point is that it takes a sophisticated process for a zinc oxide manufacturing plant to get a targeted zinc oxide. One thing is for sure, most zinc oxide manufacturers will use one of the making methods above.