Zinc Dust Manufacturer, Production, and Uses

zinc dust manufacturer

Talking about the zinc dust manufacturer, it cannot be separated from the main product produced, it is the zinc dust itself. What is actually zinc dust? Zinc dust refers to a type of zinc that is in the form of dust or powder. Although chemically it has the same composition as other zinc products the shape and the production process tend to be different. That’s why the manufacturer of zinc dust is usually different from the manufacturer of other zinc products.

How the Zinc Dust Produces

The zinc dust has a special production process. Generally, the process is quite simple and doesn’t have too many steps. However, it must be done very carefully as the zinc dust is very reactive and dangerous. It causes chemical reactions when meeting with other substances as well as the production environment must be very ideal to prevent this product from being burnt and damaged.

So, how does it produce? The manufacturer may provide the raw material of zinc first and then it is converted into the zinc vapor. The vapor is then purified and solidified to form the powder. The final result is a kind of grayish powder that is quite smooth when you touch it.

Furthermore, the zinc dust is odorless. The product must be packaged at such a temperature to keep it cool and dry. Besides, it must be taken away from other substances that cause fire. Well, zinc dust is very easy to burn only with a small reaction to other substances.

Functions and Benefits of Zinc Dust

Although you can say that zinc dust is very dangerous, it is also beneficial in our lives. Whether you realize it or not, many products or even food you are consuming use zinc powder as one of the materials or ingredients.

One of the most famous uses of zinc dust is as an additional material for paint. This powder is added to enrich the paint’s color as well as to bring anti-fungi benefits to the paint. The zinc dust also makes the paint cannot be easily corroded. Besides, when the paint on the wall has been dry, it can be easily cleaned from dust and stain.

Zinc dust is also often used in the pharmaceutical industry. But it must be remembered that the zinc dust used for this industry is only those with certain grades. The pharmaceutical products with this substance are mostly those with outer applications such as ointment, cream, wound medication, and bandage.

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